Company Profile

Charles Lamb Residential Lettings Ltd is a family run company that was founded by husband & wife team, Charles & Lois Lamb on the 13th March 1995.

In August 2012, Hannah Lamb a 3rd Generation Portfolio Manager, took on the challenge of taking the company to the next level during the property slump. She has guided landlords through some of the toughest months ensuring they see their profits soar.

Having worked in the property industry since 1999, Hannah has specialised in residential sales, acquisitions and property management, becoming an expert in her field allows her to write articles for a local publication, The North East Times.

“Property is in my blood. Not only has my father been in property since 1968, but my Grandfather also before him. This job is not for the faint hearted and comes with plenty of hurdles to cross, but it is something I am passionate about.

The fact that I can turn a landlord’s property into a financially viable commodity and in the same instance, make it a place to call home for a tenant is something I find personally, very rewarding.”

Hannah Lamb, Managing Director

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